20 things you might not know about me

1. I like craft beer

2. I wanted where to get an easy personal loan to be a doctor (and I still kinda do)

3. I hate pickles

4. I was born on Good Friday

5. I don’t like chocolate

6. I 3 hr cash loans.com wanted to name Adelyn Arabella but Twilight ruined the name “Bella” for me

7. I can eat my body weight in tacos

8. In a loans for bad credit comparison perfect world, bacon would accompany every single meal I eat. Seriously.

9. I put mayo and ketchup on my french fries (Try it!!)

****I’m noticing the majority of these have to do with food…….****

10. I’m not too shabby with a bow

11.  I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan


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