About the Handsome Homesteader


I’m Marlana, payday loans vernon bc Mrs. Handsome Homesteader.  The Handsome Homesteader and I left the military and our suburban life on the East coast to move to the family farm in the midwest last winter.  Until recently, pay day loan locations we were living with my parents on the family farm with our two children ages 1 and 3.  We are starting life over in our 30′s and enjoying the ride and mutal money all our blessings!  Our hope is to have our own piece of land, animals to care for, a garden to eat from and a house to turn into our forever home.  Right now payday loan in arlington tx I help my mom with her farm and 3 horses, work part time, raise 2 beautiful children, 1 crazy dog, 7 amazing hens and 2 disco ducks.  Oh and did I mention online payday loans rsa The handsome homesteader just started his own company?  We are busy to say the least!  Happy Homesteading!

 Please consider entering Amazon through my affiliate link-it will help the handsome homesteader and I personal loan elk grove earn some extra pennies to spend on our own homestead and homesteader kiddos!  You do not have to buy my recommended products, simply click on Amazon and shop like you normally trusted unsecured personal loans would.

Want to help us start over or maybe you want to help us buy chicken food? You can donate via paypal using the donate button on our home page.  Even pennies help us.
Happy Homesteading!

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