Have Faith

Lets  talk about faith for genuine unsecured loans bad credit a second.  Don’t confuse faith for religion, I want to talk about FAITH.  Faith is the trust you have that something will happen.  I have faith that God will take care of us and provide for us….He always has.  But this is not a post to tell you all about my religious views-it’s to remind you that faith is so important!

www.pinterest.comWhen times are hard, when we are troubled, we tend to lean on our faith.  I know I do.  Think about every big decision you’ve had to make.  Should I move, should I invest, should I buy that?  You probably put loan resolution corporation some thought or prayer to it and then you took that “leap of faith” and went for it.  These adventures don’t always pan out like we hoped but the point is you had FAITH!  You believed that God would protect you….you had trust in your spouse or you just plain hoped and prayed that it would work and it did.  Call it luck (I don’t) but you had to have that initial faith.

The use of the word faith is in the decline.  Is it that we are losing our faith?  You would have to be living in a bubble to not see that why was i denied for a payday loan times are changing all around us.  Preppers are starting to be considered more main stream and normal.  Homesteaders and the amount of people who are growing their own food are on the rise.  The chicken supply section of your local farm store is probably bigger than ever.  Whatever your political views are, people are taking more time to care for their families in a more sustainable way.  Blogs like mine are popping up all over and growing bigger everyday!  People have more faith in themselves!  I think it’s WONDERFUL!


Finally, I have faith that there will be a more same day loans bradford wonderful future for my children.  I have faith that they will be equipped with the tools they need to deal with life.  I am giving them these invaluable skills now so when they are adults, they can help create a more beautiful world.  I teach them to have faith.  I teach them to dream, to imagine and to create.  I hope they use these skills to help others.  I hope they see the value in hard work and in compassion.  But I hope they are strong and confident.  And faithful.

This faith….it’s the foundation.  Without it, you are hopeless and scared.

Happy Homesteading!

Are you a Dreamer?


Are you a dreamer?  My husband is.  He left the payday loans snohomish military a little over 2 years ago and decided to take a chance.  Lets go back a bit…..

After we decided to separate from the Air Force we moved in with my parents to help us get back on our feet.  We stayed with them for a little over a year with our 2 babies and tried to decide what we were going to be when we grew up.  All I wanted to do was be a homesteader and grow food, animals and the babies.  That’s my dream.  His was a little different.  He wants to create the very best life possible for us.  He is a crazy entrepreneur and he is a dreamer.  He see’s life in the payday loan in waianae way an artist does.  And I think it’s amazingly beautiful.

Dreamers are special but fragile.  I recently posted this on the FB page:

“Steps up on soap box….

I have a friend who sells Mary Kay. She started a little over a year ago and has really done well trying to grow her business. She is at a MK conference right now and must be feeling inspired and super motivated because she posted that her next car will be a BMW (the award for being a top seller). So tell me why are all the comments from her “friends” under the post about how expensive parts are and not words of encouragement? Why is it so much easier to DIScourage people or point out the flaws in their plan? Why can’t we use our words to empower or motivate? Is it really too much work to just keep the negativity to yourself? Perhaps they are not viewing it as negativity but advice. Trust me…..this chick is no dummy and I am sure she is aware that a BMW part is more costly than a Ford part. I challenge all of you to find a post from a friend and give them encouragement and use uplifting words. If we all take this small step, imagine the power we are giving those who are chasing a dream and putting themselves out there…..I promise, it won’t hurt.

Steps off soap box.”

Lisa, the friend I was talking about in the post is also a dreamer.  She started her Mary Kay business with an almost indifferent approach.  She told me she did not really think she would like it and was going to give it a shot…see what happened.  Here we are a short time later and she has done amazing things with her business.  She believed in herself and had a dream of success.  She followed it.  But had she been met with nay-sayers or those of us who refuse to encourage what would have cash loans in kansas city mo happened to that dream?  It would have died….vanished.

I wish people would take the time to see the good in life.  The good in people.  I’m not delusional.  I know there are bad people, ruined people, and nasty mean lost people who will bring you down.  But what if you assumed that most of us are good.  What if you took the approach that not every one wants to do me harm?  It would change your whole perspective.  I know this because I’ve done it.  Like a little child, I’ve started to look at people and assume only the very best.  I never focus on the things I don’t like, only the things I do.

When we meet people we are personal loan apr in usa quick to judge.  We see a mom in Wal Mart with sweats and messy hair with 2 babies and an iPhone.  She pays with food stamps and we assume she is lazy.  But what you might not know is she is embarrassed and ashamed.  Her parents pay her phone bill and the car she drives off is also a loaner from family.  She dreams of a better life and is working on making it happen.  Her hair is messy because she just finished cleaning houses for a friend and stayed up all night reading…studying.  But for now, she needs assistance and love.  Not judgments and harsh reactions.

Another example, you see a frail, thin, starved horse in a pasture.  You cash loans los angeles see weeds in his tail and cuts on his leg.  You decide you will call animal control to rescue the animal and teach this negligent owner a lesson.  What you don’t know is this horse is old and was rescued by the owner of this field.  By calling animal control you have now forced this person, who already invested money in a rescue to now defend themselves and spend more money on a vet check.  Assume the best, not the worst.

Again, I am not an idiot.  I know there is bad out there but there is just so much good.  When you start to look for it, you see it EVERYWHERE!  It’s all around you.  People who cash advance angleton tx take time to care for the sick or elderly.  People who give gifts to children.  People who stop to help a stranger change a tire.  Angels are all around us.  Once you take this small step, things will start to change in your own life.  It will seem safer, happier and more manageable.

Life is tough and for some people it is downright awful.  There are deaths, illness, financial worries and stresses but through all of that, if you have the dreamer’s spirit….the worldview of a child….it gets better.

I close this post with a quote by Dave Grohl that I put up all over my house.


You can never do wrong by being мультизональные кондиционеры в минске kind

Happy Homesteading.

My Blog is suffering from an identity crisis

Hey there homesteaders…….ever have one of those days where you just payday loan in katy tx can’t seem to figure out which way is up?  That seems to be the issue here on the blog.  I started this page to teach people things my mom was teaching me on the farm.  I had friends ask me to start one and off I went, blogging about the chicks, weeds and how to pick hay.  Over the next year I found myself blogging with a group of WAY craftier than me bloggers and gals who can turn a mason jar and a piece of wood into a work of art I could never have imagined.  I am not the craftiest but I do have one thing going for me that I feel sets me apart.  My experiences.  In the last 3 years I have lost it all (like literally-we had an empty bank account), lived with my parents, moved across the country, had a baby, started a new business with my husband, swallowed my pride, been the recipient of unimaginable kindness, spent a week in the hospital with a sick baby, made incredible friends and changed my outlook on almost everything.  I’m just like a million other people out there who are struggling to get by and wondering what’s next.  Through it all, I kept on blogging about things I thought people would find interesting, but that I wasn’t super passionate about myself.  I guess it’s because I changed…..

So here we are today, this little blog with no real direction.

What do I do?

So I decided to just be approved cash advance chickasha ok me.  Post about issues I find interesting and share stories of inspiration with you. Share recipes I love and stories about a family who is the same as you-wondering what tomorrow will bring and how to grow these kids in the right way.  Tell you that it’s OK to feel pissed and scared but let you in on ways I deal.  Tell you all about my hens and how I screwed up by putting a brooder full of broilers in with our other chicks.  Share stories about the times I screwed it all up-cuz I’m learning too!  I hate the blogs that make it seem like they have it all together in this Martha Stewart like way and you leave feeling like a total failure because a chick died or your  hens escaped or you fee range.

Let me close this post by re-introducing you to me.  My name is Marlana and I am the wife of the most amazing man.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out.  His name is Andy and he works his ass off every day trying to give me and our kiddos the best life possible.  He is compassionate, caring and loves what he does.  He will spend hours with people trying to help them and not think to ask for any sort of compensation.  He has found his calling, found his faith, and found his path in life.  I simply could not be more proud of him.  I have two babies, Adelyn and Drew.  They are the other half loans for bad credit with instant decision of my whole world.  Adelyn is my princess who can dance like a little flower child while telling me stories about her imaginary friend Michael.  Drew is my biggest fan, ready to give me kisses and then go chop down a tree or save the world.  We have spent the last 3 years becoming far better people than we thought possible.  With compassion and sympathy for others that only a real struggle can give you.  I know how it feels to not have money to buy food, to know you have $100 and $600 in bills.  I know what it means to have to rely on family and wonder how you will pay them back.  I know what it means to stay up at night and worry about tomorrow.  I also know how it feels when people are kind to you for no reason other than they love you.  I know what it means to only have hugs to give as payment for a kind gesture.  I know how scary it is to wonder how you will provide for your kids……and how best to keep them from knowing that their parents are scared.  I don’t judge and I think with an open mind.  I have strong values and faith but I don’t think you have to share those views with me.  I ask for respect and give it in return.

I close this post with one last thing

Happy Homesteading!


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Count your blessings

I really enjoyed psea personal loans reading all your blessing statements over the last week.  Like most of you, my blessings are my family and God’s grace in my life.  It seems like it’s hard to find people who will love and care for you in even the fast cash lubbock darkest of times, but we did.  Take for example our little family.  In the past 15 months we have left great paying jobs, a big house in the burbs, new cars, carefree vacations, benefits, fat bank accounts and what seemed what is the interest rate on installment loans to most the “good life”.  But despite what everyone saw (including us) our lives were not nearly as fulfilled as they are today with our empty accounts and simple lives.  I would not trade a single thing.  My husband is home every night top in Philadelphia PA cash advance to tuck his babies in and give me kisses each morning, something military families all over the globe are missing.  I have a wonderful church and healthy children.  I even have a few chickens and some horses at my mom’s to fast cash trading center laconia road tilton nh play with.  We had family step up to help us out when we needed it the most.  I am blessed!  I want each and every one of my new homesteading friends to think about why you are blessed and stick it on your hesta personal loans кондиционеры панасониц в витебской области fridge  And if you have to lose it all just so you can see what it truly means to be blessed, I hope you take comfort in knowing that you will be better at the end of the day for it.


Happy homesteading!

Giveaway time!!!!!

Homesteaders, let’s count installment loans canton ohio our blessings.  Everyday I hear people talking about why the world is a terrible place.  I rarely hear people talking about instant cash loans in 15 mins all the blessings in their lives or talking about the wonderful stuff all around us.  So I decided cash advance hallandale beach fl to share some of my blessings with you!  After 15 months, we sold our house and I am BLESSED!  And now advance to payday knoxville tn over 700 of you want to hang out on the homestead with us.  So here’s what you gotta do.  Like virginia state employee payday loans us on Facebook, follow the blog and write on our wall telling me why you are blessed.  Winner will be announced cash advance polaris March 24th.

The basket has 1 red tote, 2 headbands (one for a little homesteader and one for instant credit visa a big homesteader) and my favorite book, Horse Crazy.  Oh-one more куплю кондиционер в могилеве thing  The tote and the headbands?  I made em, special just for you ;)

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Happy Homesteading!

Put your big girl pants on!


Some days I short term loans in hartlepool feel like giving up.  I feel like I am working too hard and spinning my wheels.  Some days I really, really, REALLY feel sorry for myself and think “What the hell am I doing all of this for?”  Then one of my kids runs up and gives me a hug or tells me they love me and I remember why I left the good paying job, big house and military life.  Or I online payday loans direct loans get on facebook and see a friends post about how they had to open birthday presents via skype.  It’s not easy starting over, especially when your expectations for what your life should be like by now aren’t what they should be.  The handsome homesteader and I expected to still be making tons of money, have a big house, lots of stuff and coast on easy street.  Instead, we have no money, personal loans boardman ohio a house that isn’t selling in DE, we have to really rely on family to help us out, but we have grown spiritually in ways I would have never imagined possible in such a short time.  I think God has a plan for this little family and even though I don’t know what it is or how it will all play out, I am certain that all the stuff we had personal loans valley al to go through to get to this point is going to make us better people.  I no longer shop at high end stores, instead I buy from thrift stores.  I call it treasure hunting and I love it!  I make sure my kids don’t waste their food and we are generous with those that have even less than we do.  As I was unpacking our storage unit and saw we had 11 boxes california cash payday loan of baby girl clothes (11 boxes!!!!) I couldn’t help but think what a waste of money!!  But life has a way of teaching you and most of us learn how to bounce back and come trough these things better people.  At the end of the day I am happy and grateful for what I have because I have more than most and less than some.  I am lucky to have friends, family personal loan in divorce and a church that will help us out if we need it.  So I put my big girl pants on and I decided to stop complaining and stop wishing things were different and from that point on I felt amazing!  Get up every morning and thank God that you are here and try to make this day your best day.  It’s cliche and it’s been said hundreds of times but it’s true.  Happy Homesteading!

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