Have Faith

Lets  talk about faith for genuine unsecured loans bad credit a second.  Don’t confuse faith for religion, I want to talk about FAITH.  Faith is the trust you have that something will happen.  I have faith that God will take care of us and provide for us….He always has.  But this is not a post to tell you all about my religious views-it’s to remind you that faith is so important!

www.pinterest.comWhen times are hard, when we are troubled, we tend to lean on our faith.  I know I do.  Think about every big decision you’ve had to make.  Should I move, should I invest, should I buy that?  You probably put loan resolution corporation some thought or prayer to it and then you took that “leap of faith” and went for it.  These adventures don’t always pan out like we hoped but the point is you had FAITH!  You believed that God would protect you….you had trust in your spouse or you just plain hoped and prayed that it would work and it did.  Call it luck (I don’t) but you had to have that initial faith.

The use of the word faith is in the decline.  Is it that we are losing our faith?  You would have to be living in a bubble to not see that why was i denied for a payday loan times are changing all around us.  Preppers are starting to be considered more main stream and normal.  Homesteaders and the amount of people who are growing their own food are on the rise.  The chicken supply section of your local farm store is probably bigger than ever.  Whatever your political views are, people are taking more time to care for their families in a more sustainable way.  Blogs like mine are popping up all over and growing bigger everyday!  People have more faith in themselves!  I think it’s WONDERFUL!


Finally, I have faith that there will be a more same day loans bradford wonderful future for my children.  I have faith that they will be equipped with the tools they need to deal with life.  I am giving them these invaluable skills now so when they are adults, they can help create a more beautiful world.  I teach them to have faith.  I teach them to dream, to imagine and to create.  I hope they use these skills to help others.  I hope they see the value in hard work and in compassion.  But I hope they are strong and confident.  And faithful.

This faith….it’s the foundation.  Without it, you are hopeless and scared.

Happy Homesteading!

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