Put your big girl pants on!


Some days I short term loans in hartlepool feel like giving up.  I feel like I am working too hard and spinning my wheels.  Some days I really, really, REALLY feel sorry for myself and think “What the hell am I doing all of this for?”  Then one of my kids runs up and gives me a hug or tells me they love me and I remember why I left the good paying job, big house and military life.  Or I online payday loans direct loans get on facebook and see a friends post about how they had to open birthday presents via skype.  It’s not easy starting over, especially when your expectations for what your life should be like by now aren’t what they should be.  The handsome homesteader and I expected to still be making tons of money, have a big house, lots of stuff and coast on easy street.  Instead, we have no money, personal loans boardman ohio a house that isn’t selling in DE, we have to really rely on family to help us out, but we have grown spiritually in ways I would have never imagined possible in such a short time.  I think God has a plan for this little family and even though I don’t know what it is or how it will all play out, I am certain that all the stuff we had personal loans valley al to go through to get to this point is going to make us better people.  I no longer shop at high end stores, instead I buy from thrift stores.  I call it treasure hunting and I love it!  I make sure my kids don’t waste their food and we are generous with those that have even less than we do.  As I was unpacking our storage unit and saw we had 11 boxes california cash payday loan of baby girl clothes (11 boxes!!!!) I couldn’t help but think what a waste of money!!  But life has a way of teaching you and most of us learn how to bounce back and come trough these things better people.  At the end of the day I am happy and grateful for what I have because I have more than most and less than some.  I am lucky to have friends, family personal loan in divorce and a church that will help us out if we need it.  So I put my big girl pants on and I decided to stop complaining and stop wishing things were different and from that point on I felt amazing!  Get up every morning and thank God that you are here and try to make this day your best day.  It’s cliche and it’s been said hundreds of times but it’s true.  Happy Homesteading!

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