Sometimes, the only thing that makes you feel better is to pet your horse

When I was a approved cash advance centers cleveland tn little girl the only thing I wanted was a horse.  I wanted one so bad and begged my parents relentlessly until they gave in.  They made me a deal-get all A’s on my report card and they would get me a horse.  So I did and my reward was the most beautiful animal I had ever seen-Cheyenne the great fast cash loans sunshine coast big Palomino.  He was an amazing guy-I rode him everywhere, put bows in his mane, painted his feet pink, gave him 100 kisses a day.  He would come when I whistled and didn’t like it when I stopped petting him to talk to my friends.  Some of my very best memories are the times I spent with that horse.  I still cash loans in middelburg remember, clear as day, the way it looked when I rode him….he had a little nick in his right ear.  Now I have my own little girl and nothing would make me happier than to get her a Cheyenne.  And when I have a really bad day-all I want to do is bury my face in a horse neck and brush a cash advance los banos tail.  I love the smell of the horse barn-a sweet mix of hay and horse-you horse people know what I mean!!  So go out there and hug your horses homesteaders.

A little me on my big palomino

I’m like 15 in this picture, it was one of the last pictures I took with him

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