The missing days….(8-13)


So I didn’t technically quit or fall off the best cash advance Chicago IL wagon.  I’m still following the diet and I’m still drinking the shakes but I just can’t live in a world that won’t let me have Oceanside Cali. cash advance coffee.  At least not until my children sleep all night and I don’t have to get up so early.  But I’ve limited myself loan denial to 1 cup in the morning and I am using agave nectar instead of sugar.  I guess it makes me feel better about cheating ;)  If cash advance houston 77084 any of you want to tackle this program-know that getting through the first week is the hardest.  We had our meet up last night and all cash loans richards bay the gals agreed meat and morning coffee was the hardest habit to stop.  We all said the first week we were less than friendly unsecured loans by private lenders to everyone and once we hit about day 5 we started feeling amazing and got a whole lot кондиционеры панасониц в витебске nicer

Happy Homesteading!!

Day 5, 6 and 7

Sorry homesteaders, I quick loan in covington ga missed a few days. I’m still on track but still having mexican payday loan a hard time sticking to the кондиционеры сплит системы с установкой в витебске program It’s not easy and personal loans bad credit wa not always fun but I have lost 5 pounds and I am feeling pretty regions personal loan interest rate good! I have found some great combos for the shakes-blueberry banana 30000 dollar unsecured loans is my favorite. I gotta tell you though, I am not cash advance Fla. sure I have ever gone this long without meat and I know I how do i get a big loan with bad credit could never ever be a vegetarian!

Happy Homesteading!


photo credit: Martin Cathrae via photopin cc

Day 4

Ok…….so I had a personal loan entry in tally teeny tiny set back today but it’s my mom’s fault!  She makes the most payday loan service center delicious bread and it was coming out of the oven while I was over there.  who regulates payday loans in florida I’m only сплит-система в витебской области human  But I did find some super scrumptious looking recipes I bad credit unsecured personal loans with very fast approval will try tomorrow!

Cinnamon sweet potato hash browns

Cauliflower French Fries

Roasted baby artichokes

Crispy asparagus

Happy Homesteading!




Day 3

OK today was better.  I what payday loan places are connected didn’t crave coffee as much and I didn’t feel as hungry.  I made some really delicious sweet potatoes for dinner.  It was a simple recipe.

long term unsecured installment loans bad credit Please don’t mind the dolphin plate…..I love them!

  • 1 sweet potato peeled and cubed
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • crushed garlic

Put the sweet potato in a microwave broker free payday loans safe dish with about 1/4 cup of water and cover.  Nuke for 7 minutes or until tender.  Drain water and smash the potato.  In a large skillet, heat some coconut oil and loans for bad credit st louis add the crushed garlic.  Add the potato mix and flatten it in the pan….kinda like a pancake (pancakes sound so good right now…….).  Fry the potato patty until it gets a little crispy.

That’s it!  I ate mine with sauteed мобильный кондиционер в могилеве mushrooms  It was pretty good actually and I felt full and happy, not like I was depriving myself!

Happy homesteading!


Day 2…….

and wine.

2 days and I’m craving coffee HARD CORE!!  best online fast cash Lord help me when I get to day 10…….

Today was not bad, I wanted dillards cash advance my coffee but have been sipping on lemon water to soothe the urge find lowest personal loan rates to have a hot drink in the morning.  The shakes are much better if fast payday loans inc. u.s. 1 fort pierce fl I mix them with coconut water and add bananas.  One of the girls personal loans in baltimore in our group lost 8 pounds already-8 pounds!!!  She started a few days before hard loan money I did but sheesh!!

I’m staying strong (real tough right?!  It’s day 2!)


NV cash advance

Look at it……so sad and lonely

Happy homesteading!


Purification Program: Day 1

Well, day 1 is in the books.  I started my day with a shake with some added oranges and coconut oil.  It was ok but I need to add some bananas or something like that payday loans yukon oklahoma to sweeten it up a bit.  Lunch was easier-brown rice with mushrooms, garlic and artichoke hearts sauteed in coconut oil.  It was fantastic!  Dinner was the same as lunch but I added some green best cash advance North Carolina beans.

I felt a little foggy and tired today-thankfully the kids all cooperated and I was able to take a nap-if not I don’t think I would have been able to go short term loans knoxville tn all day without coffee or tea.  I did have a headache, probably from not having any caffeine but I’m hoping that tappers off in the next few days.  The absolute hardest part of what is the purpose of personal loans this program is getting all the supplements down.  You take 30 a day.  Yes, 30.  It is rough but I was told you can just open them up and throw them in the shake.  That’s what I will be doing from now on.  So to wrap this up-day 1, kind hard but not impossible.

The hands0me homesteader says I am still “nice-ish”.  I’ll take монтаж кондиционеров в минске that

Happy Homesteading detoxing!


Purification… sounds better than Detox


Ok homesteaders.  Here it most reputable payday loan companies is.  I am about to go on a detox program, NOT THAT KIND (I mean , I do enjoy some wine every now and then but pay day loan spanaway wa who doesn’t!?!)  This is a body cleansing detox program.  It is 21 days and it will make my body happy and my pants looser!  But here’s cash loans huntsville al jordan lane the kicker.  No coffee for 21 days.  Did you read that correct???  21 DAYS!!!  In Mrs. Handsome Homesteader time that’s like a million years.  cheap interest loan But, I am committed and if you want to know how each day of this goes for me tune in starting March 1st.  The handsome homesteader thinks I am going to cave but I am pretty sure (like 85% sure) that I can do it and not get all growly and продажа и установка кондиционера в витебской области mean

Wish me happy homesteading!