Meet our friend Bobby

Last week we ran a contest over at bad credit personal loans from private lenders Farm Chit Chat and wanted to feature one of our fans in a post.  Our friend Bobby from Nebraska won that contest and I think you will enjoy reading her story.  It is short, but shows a fighter’s spirit.  I could relate to some of that story…..starting over, selling animals and moving in with mom.   But Bobby says she believes in paying it forward and helping others who are facing difficult times.  I love that!  Thank you for sharing your story with us Bobby, I think our readers will enjoy it!

Happy Homesteading!


I use to have 30 acres with farrow to feeder pigs and a few other animals years ago but 4 1/2 years ago installment loan overnight I started renting some land and getting horse’s for the kids and yes my little GiGi chiwa that I trained to kiss and other tricks but sadly in 2012 I had to put her to sleep due to those nasty dog treats that turned famous killing dogs across the US.   I got my Mandy rough coat collie and have trained her the same but didn’t have any pics.   At this time I am separated and so are my boys and with out a home (I’m staying at my mom’s) so the only animal I have is my Mandy.



I did have a great garden with cashwell loans easley sc lots of fruit trees and bushes but plan to rent my nephews house and plant again.   My favorite animals (can’t have just one lol) is my Mandy of course and my GiGi ;) but also my horse Kinzy which I had to sell in November. 


Kinzy, who now works as a cattle horse in Western Nebraska

Skittles, a rescue who is now a therapy horse

I have gardened for over 35 years including home canning and butchering myself any deer the hunters bring to us. I am a survivor and yes would be ready for the zombies if they came lol.. installment loan monthly payment I found and like you by looking in the  search on FB, you have interesting articles and pictures. love animals and gardening anything that comes with it except the snow or cold. I do not have a business any longer but did have a knight crawler one for 7 years otherwise gave garden stuff away to help others out with difficult сплит кондиционер в витебской области times I believe in paying it forward. I wish I could find a farmstead again but prices are so high and starting over will be difficult.  I thank you again for choosing me I really didn’t expect to win and don’t really feel I deserve it  but wanted to show my GiGi ;). 

Worry…and why it’s totally pointless

worryWorry, stress, doubt-we all deal with it.  Life on is one hour loan safe a farm or homestead brings plenty of stress and worry.  No matter how prepped you are, something goes wrong.  A hose freezes, pumps break, horses get out, roosters go rouge and get nasty-if you can think it, it happens.  And when you are a grown up and you have grown up problems like bills, raising kids, health concerns your worries can tend to overtake you.  I know this first hand.

I’m a woman and so I worry a lot…..admit it, you do too.  I worry about my kids-did I yell at them all day?  Am I raising polite and kind people?  I worry about money-did all the bills get paid?  Will we have enough if something happens?  I ais payday loan worry about the health of the family, I worry about my parents and Andy’s parents.  I worry about this blog and my future.  I worried about writing this post!  Will it offend anyone, will I get mean emails…. What does all this worry do?  Not a damn thing.  It doesn’t solve any problems, it doesn’t fix them or make them disappear.  In fact it often makes things worse.  It makes me angry, stressed and not so much fun to be around….then I am sad AND worried.

When I worry about money, it does a few things.  It sends a message to my husband that I don’t trust him to provide for us, which puts stress on the marriage and that eventually affects on line lenders the kids.  I need to trust him to take care of us because he always has.  It’s also a sin.  When I worry about money, I am not trusting God to provide…..and he always has.  Even when we were down to what felt like nothing, we still had food, working vehicles and jobs.  We have never gone without nourishment, shelter or love.

I can’t add days to my life…..I can’t make money appear and I can’t worry my doubts and fears away. I can’t make people accept my views nor do I really need them too.  In such uncertain times for so many people it is only natural to worry about tomorrow’s problems.  But you just can’t.  There is cash loans cavite no point to it.  It just makes things worse.

I firmly believe that this is a struggle I will have forever.  I also believe that some of us have to learn the hard way that it will be OK and I am lucky to have been given experiences and skills that I can pass on to my children.  I can prepare them for hard times while showering them with love.  I will be able to give them the tools they need to get through life.  We all know those people who were pampered or otherwise ill prepared for life…..I pray my children will not be them.

On the flip side, when I can honestly take all those fears and worries and ilp payday loan just stop, I am SO HAPPY!  I feel like I can conquer the world!  It bleeds over into other parts of my life too.  Andy feels confident that he is taking care of us and I am confident in him.  The kids are happy because I can enjoy them and have fun.  And it’s one more way I am strengthening my relationship with God.  It’s kinda a win-win for all of us.

 So don’t worry!  It won’t change anything (except your health…and not in a good way).  Life is too short to spend the days filled with бытовые кондиционеры в витебске doubt  You heart only has so many beats, you only get so many days-don’t waste them!

Happy Homesteading!


Count your blessings

I really enjoyed psea personal loans reading all your blessing statements over the last week.  Like most of you, my blessings are my family and God’s grace in my life.  It seems like it’s hard to find people who will love and care for you in even the fast cash lubbock darkest of times, but we did.  Take for example our little family.  In the past 15 months we have left great paying jobs, a big house in the burbs, new cars, carefree vacations, benefits, fat bank accounts and what seemed what is the interest rate on installment loans to most the “good life”.  But despite what everyone saw (including us) our lives were not nearly as fulfilled as they are today with our empty accounts and simple lives.  I would not trade a single thing.  My husband is home every night top in Philadelphia PA cash advance to tuck his babies in and give me kisses each morning, something military families all over the globe are missing.  I have a wonderful church and healthy children.  I even have a few chickens and some horses at my mom’s to fast cash trading center laconia road tilton nh play with.  We had family step up to help us out when we needed it the most.  I am blessed!  I want each and every one of my new homesteading friends to think about why you are blessed and stick it on your hesta personal loans кондиционеры панасониц в витебской области fridge  And if you have to lose it all just so you can see what it truly means to be blessed, I hope you take comfort in knowing that you will be better at the end of the day for it.


Happy homesteading!