Horse Theft and other naughty stuff…..part 1

If you are on facebook emergency funeral loans at all and you have a horse, you have probably seen at least a few posts about horse theft.  It seems like almost daily I see a new post “help me find my horse, it was stolen from my pasture last night!”  So I started to wonder…….is horse theft making a comeback and how can I protect myself?

Don’t be dumb

Yes, I said it-Don’t be dumb!  I have heard of a few cases where boarders were called and told their animals had died and disposal was already taken care of, only to find out the horse was sold.  Often times at horse shows a thief will offer you a check on the spot for your horse and you will never see the money or the horse again.  However, more commonly horses are being stolen from pastures in the middle of the night.

Locked Pastures

I’m a little on the fence on this one.  While it is a great deterrent for a pay off direct loans online would be thief, it also makes getting a horse out of the pasture in an emergency difficult.  Never EVER lock your animals in a barn or stall.  If there is a fire or other urgent situation, you have no way to get them out quickly.  Also, if someone is intent on stealing your animal, they will be prepared and will most likely bring tools to cut through locks and fencing.

Electric fencing

I like this one, electric fencing keeps people and animals away.  However, unless your control panel and battery is in a locked room…’s easy to get passed this one too.

Cameras and lights

They don’t even have to be real.  A dummy camera will still make a thief think twice about breaking into a barn.  Just make sure you are not mounting a camera onto a tree.  A real affordable way to place cameras in your barn would be a trail camera.  You can find them at every single what is a cash credit loan sporting goods store.  Many people use them around their coops and barns simply to see what predators need to be kept at bay.  The same is true for motion lights.  A few years ago m car was broken into.  The police said they only hit homes that did not have lights in the driveway.  Energy saving be dammed, I got a flood light.  Place signs that say you have video surveillance and test your lights often.  This is probably my favorite deterrent.

Microchips and branding

Some people are really against branding…..we breed Warmbloods so we brand, however the brands are not unique at all.  Microchips are also a great option, but both of these are only going to help after your horse is missing.


Yep-guards.  I was at an inspection last year in Wisconsin.  There were tons of high end, very expensive horses there and the stalls were all at a fairgrounds outside of town.  The organizer had her son stay cash advance bbb the night to keep an eye on things.  She knew that the horses there were valuable and easy targets since there were also a bunch of trailers sitting around.  I thought this was a cool way to keep our minds at ease when leaving our mare and foal for the night.

Ok, so lets say the unthinkable happens… what?  Look on craigslist.  Look all over craigslist in your surrounding areas.  People will put all kinds of stuff on the internet thinking they are anonymous.  I assure you, they can be found.  Next-cruise the local auctions and sale barns.  Search youtube videos, facebok and horse ads.   Ask around at feed stores and vet clinics.  Horse people talk and if someone knows something, chances are good you will hear about it.

There is a fantastic site called and they have a TON of info on helping you find your missing кондиционеры электролюкс в могилевской области animal

 Happy homesteading!









Introducing our little prince

Like a proud momma :)

Our little guy fast cash hobart is here!  No name yet, but it has to personal references for loans start with an S……


So sleepy


quick assist loan nmcrs

It’s hard work watching your brother/grandson quick loans longview tx be born!!


Happy Homesteading!!

сколько стоит кондиционер в могилевской области

Foal Prep

Our sweet baby girl Denira JAX 32221 cash advance is ready to pop, this is how we prepped.

Baby has shifted, bagging, vulva has begun to relax, rear is soft and loose. Signs to look for when getting ready to foal.

Get a foaling stall ready.

In our case we needed a pretty big area because Denira is a big girl.  Her stall is 12×24 feet.  We stripped and cleaned it really well then added a fresh layer of straw.  We use straw for a few reasons.  It is warmer than pine shavings and cleaner.  The straw will not stick to a new baby or clog their personal loan to income ratio little airways right off the bat.  It is also harder to clean up so we hold off adding it as long as we can.  This has been a particularly cold spring so we added it last week, just in case she was to go early.  You will also need to foal proof similar to baby proofing.  Look around and make sure there are no places a tiny hoof could get stuck.  I’ve seen even adult horses get feet stuck in some really tight places.

Fresh straw

Look for gaps larger than an inch joint unsecured personal loans or two

We used PVC to cover the joints in our stalls. They are portable stalls so they have gaps at each corner.


We have a baby monitor in the barn next to the foaling stall.  We can hear if Denira starts labor and be out there to assist.  Foaling happens in about 20 minutes, so being able to rush out there is key.

baby monitor to listen for signs of foaling. Could be water breaking, moaning or the other horses making unusual noises.

A foaling kit.

We have the following central loan items ready in our kit:

  • Lugols Iodine for the umbilical stump-it is CRUCIAL you keep this area clean
  • towels and blankets for drying off a new baby
  • tail wrap (we use a polo wrap)
  • gloves
  • flashlight
  • plastic bag or bucket to store the placenta/afterbirth (you will need to keep it for the vet to check)
  • mild soap
  • Baby enema in case your foal does not pass the meconium
  • scissors

Your vet should be aware that your mare is ready and will most likely want to see mom and baby the next day.  We also try to keep the mare in her foaling stall for a few weeks before she is ready.  This will ensure she is comfortable and feels safe.

While most foals are born at night, there are times they will be born in the middle of the day.  This happened to us once, Denira’s mom had a foal in the middle of a pasture a few days early and while there were other horses around.  Not an ideal situation!  Now we keep the mares separated about 2 weeks out.  Close enough to see her friends but in a separate сплит кондиционер в могилеве pen

Foaling is a pretty exciting time, make sure you are prepared!

Happy homesteading!

I hate ice

Like everyone else in payday loans in burley idaho the country, our weather has been odd to say the least.  Last week it was hot so everything melted.  Then it rained for 3 days.  Then ice fell from the sky….then straight talking cash loans it rained again, then it snowed, then more rain, and finally it got cold again turning the rain into ice that covered EVERYTHING.

Broken 4-wheeler frozen payday loans in valparaiso indiana to the barn floor….super.

In the midst of all of that nonsense, my 4-wheeler broke.  Normally, that would just be an inconvenience but with the ice/rain/snow/rain/ice/heatwave/rain/freeze we had it pay day loans in made my horse chores a nightmare.

Guess I’m trading the 4-wheeler for a 1 wheeler.

It meant I had to push the wheelbarrow about 100 yards acorn personal loans from the horse barn to our compost pile.  I am NOT a happy homesteader.

Oh boy…..that’s far.

But I am a resourceful homesteader and decided to just make a temporary pile and call my farmer friend from down the road and ask him to wentworth personal loans bring a tractor up and help me out.

Yay me! Hope the homestead mother in law isn’t too upset with the new compost pile!

It’s good to have friends-happy homesteading!!

25 handmade gifts under $5

Got a birthday coming up?  Maybe cash advance 20505 you want to send a care package to your baby who went off to college this year.  Maybe you have a loved one who is deployed.  (Having spent over 200 days in Iraq myself, I promise you, care packages are the BEST when they are handmade gifts!!)  Well here ya go homesteaders, I found 25 super cute cash loans bournemouth handmade gifts that are all under $5.  Click on the pics to get to the original posts.

Homemade gourmet butters-add garlic to just about anything and I’m on board!

Put this is a mason jar with instructions printed on a cute little card. I’ve made this and it really payday loans woodstock ga does smell amazing!

reindeer noses!

How totally cute is this!?! Homeschool-make one for yourself!

Make a hair comb-this is so pretty

Tin Can Lanterns!!

canvas heart bag

Make your own cash loans advertised on radio caramel apple dip….I think I love caramel almost as much as I love bacon.

Nobody said you can’t have back to back caramel recipes……

Salted caramel hot chocolate mix….yummmmmm

Smoked salt-super cool

get a GIANT print for under $3-seriously.

DIY lampshade

Penny picture-I have a penny for each year something special happened in my life, like the year I got married, the years my babies were магазин кондиционеров в витебске born

light bulb flower vase-this is so clever!

Make a pillow cover from a napkin-why didn’t I think of that?!


How many old magazines do YOU have laying around?

Cake stand-this is beautiful


A tutu for your homestead princess!


cash advance in uvalde

This is literally $5…well the picture has $20 bills, but you can use $1 ;)


This one is my favorite!!


Well, the coffee cup WAS my favorite until I saw this one!!


Ok, there ya have it homesteaders, 25 DIY gifts for $5 or less-happy homesteading!

How to make sure you have quality hay for your horses

Homestead mares need personal loan parties hay, even in the summer.  We grow our own alfalfa here on the homestead (remember the garden???)  But occasionally we need to purchase hay from someone else.  If you are like half the US, you are in a drought and might be finding it hard to get quality hay-but what is quality hay?


The first thing I always do online payday loans ky with hay is smell it.  If it smells sweet and fresh, it’s probably good.  If it smells like mold or dust, it’s a no-go for me.

Next, I check the inside of the bale.  If it’s hot, that means it’s wet…..that means it will mold.  And I never ever use the big round or big square bales for cash loan fremont horses.  It almost always molds and there is no way to control the portions your horses get.

Good hay should not have weeds in it.  A few are ok, but there are also some that can be toxic (remember the MOAW?) and some that can harm your horses in other ways.  For example, foxtails can cut your horse’s mouth when they where can you apply for a personal loan chew it.

Color is important, nice fresh hay will be a pretty green color.  Again, it’s best to check the inside of the hay, not the outside.  Hay can be a golden color on the outside of the bale if it was bleached by the sun but the inside should still be green.

Quality hay should have stems with the cash advance la quinta ca leaves attached to it.  Hay with leaf shatter is not high in nutritional value and your horses probably won’t like it since it’s like eating sticks.  It will also be super dusty and make your animals cough.

I like to know where my hay is coming from.  They spray stuff on the crops around here…..I have no idea loan lowest rate secured what, but I know it makes my horses sick.  I wouldn’t want a bale that has come from a field that was next to a crop that was recently sprayed.  Some of the chemicals they use will reactivate when they get wet too-that means a field that is rained on isn’t always cleaned of the chemicals they use……

what do you need to get a online payday loan

We feed a mix of grass and alfalfa to our mares, and we also supplement with grain.  But they are big, lactating and pregnant.  You might not need to feed as much as we do.  If you ever have any questions about the quality of your hay, most feed stores will test it for you or know of someone who will.  Happy Homesteading!