Silver Rose aka "Bones"

A couple days ago I was cruising Facebook when I best short term loan sites saw a post that caught my attention.  A Gal named Erin stated she had a horse named Silver Rose who was dumped in her pasture late at night.  Erin was asking if anyone would be willing to help her out with the care of this horse through the winter.  I asked her to share her story with me and this is what she had to say:

“This is Silver Rose, aka Bones….She came to us about 4 months ago.  She was dumped in our pasture, skin and bones with other medical issues, late at night.  While we have addressed her medical is payday loan legal in nc needs, her on going care is going to be expensive. We were informed by our vet she is in her 30′s and we are expecting another harsh winter, so that means extra feedings for Rose and special hay. We were not prepared for this expense but don’t want to abandoned her. We have looked into rescues but most say they don’t have room. We were not looking to take on another horse going into winter, but we are committed to trying to make sure she gets what she needs. She has come a long way in her short time here.  She was headed cash splash on the trailer with a local kill buyer, but he dumped her here because everyone knows I take care of my animals. It is draining on us as my husband is a disabled vet and I recently took on a part time job. We have our other horses and animals to care for магазин кондиционеров в витебской области also But we promised her she would be comfortable here till she tells us it is time.”

Bones1 Bones2 bones3 bones4 bones5

Erin is located in South West Virginia and she can be reached through her YouCaring campaign by clicking here.

Sometimes, the only thing that makes you feel better is to pet your horse

When I was a approved cash advance centers cleveland tn little girl the only thing I wanted was a horse.  I wanted one so bad and begged my parents relentlessly until they gave in.  They made me a deal-get all A’s on my report card and they would get me a horse.  So I did and my reward was the most beautiful animal I had ever seen-Cheyenne the great fast cash loans sunshine coast big Palomino.  He was an amazing guy-I rode him everywhere, put bows in his mane, painted his feet pink, gave him 100 kisses a day.  He would come when I whistled and didn’t like it when I stopped petting him to talk to my friends.  Some of my very best memories are the times I spent with that horse.  I still cash loans in middelburg remember, clear as day, the way it looked when I rode him….he had a little nick in his right ear.  Now I have my own little girl and nothing would make me happier than to get her a Cheyenne.  And when I have a really bad day-all I want to do is bury my face in a horse neck and brush a cash advance los banos tail.  I love the smell of the horse barn-a sweet mix of hay and horse-you horse people know what I mean!!  So go out there and hug your horses homesteaders.

A little me on my big palomino

I’m like 15 in this picture, it was one of the last pictures I took with him