Beauty in Bloom


I want to tell fast cash gmod you about a brand new shop that I am super duper excited about!  My friend Amy makes some AMAZING products and she sent me a few to sample.  This is what she has to say about her products.

“I started making my own beauty products a little over a year ago. The more I made my own products the more I started to notice that most beauty products have TONS of ingredients! Honestly, most of those ingredients are probably safe, but it seems like every year or so a major discovery is made that an ingredient we thought was harmless is actually poisonous or that a company actually has carcinogens in their product but the ingredient was labeled as “fragrances.” I find it much more comforting to use the most simple, basic, natural ingredients possible and KNOW what I’m using is safe. This passion has driven me to dodd-frank and payday loans want to share my products with other people, to help them bring a truly natural experience into their lives. I decided to launch Beauty in Bloom to realize that desire. I am working on increasing my inventory and finding interested customers.”

Here is what I was able to try out.

The first one I want to tell you about is the body spray.  Not only does it smell absolutely FANTASTIC but it keeps you all soft and smooth all day long.  I like how light it is and how a little bit goes a long way.  I swim several times a week and I use this after I get out of the pool.  It has kept my skin healthy and happy even after spending hours and hours in the harsh pool.  Love, love LOVE this one.

The next product she sent me to sample is the Ageless Beauty Cream.  It is wonderful personal loans calculator halifax moisturizer that I have been using as a hand cream.  My hands have been super dry from the longest winter ever and lots of hand washing from playing outside all the time.  This one lasts all day, has a light pleasant smell and a little really does go a long, long way.

I was lucky enough to get a jar of the Gentle Face Exfoliant as well.  This one smells like heaven… husband said he wanted to eat it.  Seriously-that’s how amaze-balls it smells.  This one can be used weekly to scrub away all the nasties you get on your face and we all know how many funky things and messes we end up with after playing in the barn with our animals every day.  I love this one-it’s gentle and works very well.

Last product I got to try out is the Vanilla Lavender Body Scrub.  It’s another one that smells just divine.  I am not instant funding loans always a fan of lavender, but this one is a fresh, sweet smelling scrub and I am a big fan.  It comes in a great big 8 oz jar that will last a long time.  It’s packed with moisturizers that other scrubs lack so I did not find myself dry and scratchy after using it.

Amy takes great care in making her products and each one has ingredients that have been specifically selected to give your skin and body the very best benefits.  A lot of her products are organic and she uses quality essential купить кондиционер в интернет магазине в витебской области oils

BONUS! She is running a promo right now!  She is including a free 2 oz. sample of Smooth Lotion with the next 20 purchases From her Etsy shop!

So go show Amy some love!  Order some super quality beauty products, like her Facebook page and tell her we sent ya.

Happy Homesteading!

The very best cure for hiccups

Last night the handsome homesteader had a really, REALLY bad case of cash advance loans in cleveland oh the hiccups. Well when I was younger, like top cash advance MI 10 or so, I took piano installment loans online tn lessons from a really nice older lady and to be unsecured loans with poor credit rating honest, the only thing I really personal loan kaki tangan kontrak remember about them is this cure for the hiccups.

top in Lubbock Tex. cash advance

Swallow a spoonful of sugar and стоимость кондиционеров в могилевской области can you transfer a personal loan to someone else vinegar

That’s it.


Happy Homesteading!!

Make your own carpet powder using essential oils


So even if you don’t believe that essential oils have healing personal loans roanoke rapids powers and can solve all your problems, you can’t argue with the fact that some of them smell really, really pleasant.  For example, I LOVE the way anything with a currant or verbana installment loans for bad credit in new jersey fragrance.  I also love just about anything with a vanilla note.  And living on a homestead (or with kids) you have odors.  We have Danni the homestead hound and 2 prissy princess cats instant installment loans bad credit who live inside with us.  That means in addition to whatever “farmy” odors we have there are always pet odors to deal with.  Luckily, I found a super cheap and easy way to control carpet odors i have bad credit how can i fix it around the house.  BTW, this also works for controlling odors in mudrooms, baby changing areas, bathrooms…..anywhere you want it to smell pretty not so homesteady.

  • 1 Cup of baking soda
  • 1 Cup quick loans in usa of Borax
  • 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil

Sprinkle it on your carpet, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, vacuum it up!

It’s that simple.  To use it as a Room deodorizer, simply short term loans jacksonville nc put a little in a cute jar and leave it out in the room.  I have some sitting next to the homestead baby’s diaper pail.

I made some of this last week green bay installment loans using apple spice oils in honor of our apple theme over at Farm Chick Chit Chat and I gotta tell ya, the house smells just like fall-it’s бытовые кондиционеры в могилевской области great

Happy homesteading!