Urban Chicken Run

So lets say you are an urban chicken keeper……who rents.  You want to sky lending payday loan raise chickens and have a cute little coop in mind but want an easy run that can be disassembled quickly and neatly.  I have just the thing for you.

Ursala and Janice…..Ursula is the one hiding in the back…..probably because Janice is so loud.

The handsome homesteader and I moved out of my cheap interest rates for personal loans parents house a few months ago into a rental in the neighboring town.  I was lucky enough to be able to bring some of the gals AND lucky that the rental had a coop!  We wanted to build them a run outside the coop, something a little bigger than what was here.  It needed to be inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing, short term loan uw and easily removed causing little to no damage to the property.  The whole run cost us about $50.  We used t-posts and chicken wire to build the fence.  We ran it off the existing coop and only fenced in a portion of the yard that was dirt so we would not destroy any grass/lawn.

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We were lucky to have this massive tree next to the run to provide plenty of shade.  Next we ran fishing line across the top.  I did it by looping the line through the top of the chicken wire and threading the whole spool through the loop.

This payday loans richland washington keeps overhead predators out and the girls have not tried to fly over (yet).  Since this is not a permanent run, and since I did not want to tear up the lawn too badly, we did not bury the fence at all.  This means we are vulnerable to predators that dig, but so far it’s not been an issue.  I have a small tub for the ducks, and the chickens have plenty of shade.

It’s a pretty neat little run and I like it!  Best part is, if we move we can take it down easily and there will be an AMAZING spot for a garden ;)

Happy Homesteading!

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